Are you planning to visit Eastern Europe ? If yes, then this blog is meant just for you, if no, we still insist you read through it and we promise you will not be able to resist the allure of this region.

Eastern Europe offers a great variety of places to visit and a nice mix of activities with something for every age group. What makes travelling throughout this part of the continent even better is the fact that its very well connected by trains and buses which makes the inter city/country travel a breeze, not to forget that it’s also very affordable.

Down below we have listed 5 reasons to visit Eastern Europe from our own travel experience:

Beautiful Architecture of church in Berlin
Beautiful Architecture

Amazing Architecture

 We can assure you that no matter which place you visit in East Europe, the architecture will leave you absolutely spell bound. Cities like Budapest, Prague, Vienna, Berlin and others are full of buildings that have hallmarks of different periods of architecture, from Baroque to Gothic, you will get to witness it all. In some cases you might even come across squares that have 4 different buildings inspired by 4 different styles. You would be amazed by the sheer variety.

Lake in Plitvice, Croatia
Lake in Plitvice, Croatia

Beautiful scenery and countryside

During our time touring this part of the world, we consciously chose to travel by buses and trains, the countryside we got to witness was absolutely breathtaking. Unending rows of vineyards, beautiful bungalows with the typical red roofs and lush green lands as far as you can see, it almost felt too good to be true. Its impossible not to fall in love with it all. If you are going to visit Eastern Europe, we highly recommend you to travel by road.

Memorial for Jews,Berlin


Many East European countries have faced decades of difficult times, whether it was Hitler’s reign in Germany, or the communist rule in countries like Hungary and Czech Republic, the region is soaked with centuries old history. Even if you are not a fan of history, we highly recommend you to go for history related tours in cities like Berlin, Prague, Vienna etc. What might be revealed is bound to shake you from the inside and you will not be able to stop yourself from thinking about it all for a long long time. Although not all is sad and gloomy, there’s plenty of humour, plenty of good times and plenty of amazing historical achievements that deserve your attention :D.

A Group of Tourists Partying

Vibrant and pulsating party culture

From the spartys of Budapest to the beer houses in Munich, east Europe has it all. Whether you are into the more casual hang out places where you can enjoy a glass of beer or wine or something more formal, whether you enjoy Rock or EDM, you name it, you have it. It’s impossible not to find a place of any particular taste or liking during your visit to East Europe.

A man walking past a tram
Easy to use local transport

Tourist friendly infrastructure

The way tourists are treated and the way public infrastructure works in a particular place plays a big role in defining your experience, east european countries take the lead in both the departments. Locals are usually friendly and helpful, which may not be the case in many other popular destinations. The public transportation is absolutely amazing, making your stay even better.


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August 10, 2017

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