Having travelled across India and various other continents and countries, it’s safe to say that we have acquired a set of very specific skills, skills that we have acquired over a long period of travelling ;). Well don’t get the wrong idea, we are nowhere close to the legend, Mr Liam Neeson :D. We simple earthlings are preachers of non-violence and simply use our skills to enjoy each and every single trip in the best possible manner while keeping it light on our pockets :D. We are feeling a little benevolent today and thought, why not share a few cool hacks with our dear followers as well :D. Here goes:


Budapest Tram
Travel by local transport

Use Public Transport 

Most tourist destinations across the world offer very high quality public transport that can be used at very reasonable prices. However a large majority of us, specially the ones who are not very frequent travelers or have not used public transport in countries like India where it can be a fairly underwhelming experience still opt to go for taxis that are very very expensive. Seriously guys, figuring out public transport is no big deal, plus in most countries people working at these places are very helpful.


Avoid buying food and drinks at touristy spots

Sounds obvious is it ? Well even then a large majority of tourists and travelers make this big mistake of buying things to eat and drink at places flooded with tourists. Take for example Plaza Mayor of Madrid, the cafes located on this square are priced insanely high, walk a block away and you will amazing small kiosks selling all sorts of things at much better prices. Yes its an added effort, but one that will help you save loads.

Tourists in front of a museum
Avoid Long Queues

Don’t pay for an endless list of museums and galleries 

This probably is one of the most common mistake committed by innocent and naive tourists. I concede, I made those mistakes as well! However if you are reading this, please beware, don’t end up paying entry tickets for countless museums blindly. If you’ve been to Europe you would probably realize that every major city has a museum or two to check out with insane entry tickets. I could not help but feel that a lot of these museums were created just to dupe innocent tourists. I mean unless and until you are an art connoisseur or something, you really won’t be able to differentiate between museums. I have been to Louvre in Paris and Prada in Madrid and I think am done with museums now :D.

Never Exchange money on the roads

Never exchange money on roads

If you have read our post on Prague tourist traps then you probably know about it already, if not read on. In some countries you might find men approaching you with an offer to exchange your euros or dollars or other currencies and offer you the local currency at seemingly very attractive rates (better than anywhere else for sure). PLEASE, do not be fooled by these people, they are touts and are absolute ripoffs out to spoil your vacations. Although its 2017 we are still surprised to know how many people actually fall prey to this trap and it’s just sad.

Avoid sharing your travel document information

Never share your original documents in public

 When travelling abroad, your passport is the most sacred piece of document on hand and you surely do not want anything to happen to it nor do you want to be fooled into being robbed because of it. Sometimes when you are using the public transport or enjoying a stroll in the nearby markets, you might suddenly be accosted by people in uniform who ask you to show them your original passports or IDs saying they’re from the police etc. No matter what, do not share your original IDs, we are not saying these people are fake but there is a high chance that they might be. It is after all quite unusual for someone to suddenly come to you and ask you for IDs. This happened with us on a bus in Italy, I later came to know that it’s a common trap, they hold onto your IDs and then force you to pay money in form of some fake public fine and only then handover the documents to you.

August 4, 2017


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