Eastern Europe is full of terrific and beautiful destinations to check out. Not only this, it is also geographically widespread and has so many varieties of towns, cities and countryside that it is probably unfair and almost impossible to label one particular destination as the best one in the area. However for people travelling on a budget or people backpacking in Europe, Budapest is like a dream come true. It is Beautiful, boasts of amazing architecture, offers a lot of variety, has an incredible public transportation system and most of all, it is very affordable. Having travelled through the region ourselves, we simply couldn’t get over our time spent in Budapest.  

Here are 5 reasons why we feel Budapest is a must visit for anyone backpacking in Europe:

Great quality food and drinks available at affordable prices 

European countries aren’t exactly a steal when it comes to food and drinks, specially if you compare it to a country like India where you can fill your stomach satisfactorily for as low as 50 rupees. Well we do not promise that you will be able to fulfil your hunger pangs in Budapest for as low as that, but for a budget as low as 4 Euros, you can enjoy an amazing meal consisting of a Chicken Shawarma/Falafel and half litre beer. Add another Euro and you can get hold of an amazing scoop of Gelato. 

Best tram route in the world

No we are not kidding. You probably are wondering at this point what’s in a Tram route ? Well just board the Tram No 2 that leaves from Jazai Mari Ter, this tram will take you through some of the best sites in Budapest including the magnificent building of the Hungarian Parliament and runs along the amazing Danube river with the best possible views of Buda Castle. Once you experience this, you will fully agree with us, we kid you not.

Jewish Quarter , Budapest Credits : Rohypnol ( https://flic.kr/p/p9DXcS )

The ruin bars & Jewish Quarter

Ruin bars are a very recent phenomenon in Budapest and have been a major reason for catapulting Budapest to be amongst the most popular destinations while backpacking in Europe . The atmosphere and parties are like nothing you’ve seen before and the best part is that the prices are very very affordable, definitely more affordable than most of the bars/pubs in Mumbai, Delhi and other metros.

Endless choice of places to stay, at amazing prices 

Budapest seems to have an endless supply of Hotels, Hostels and Apartments at prices that are much more reasonable compared to the rest of the Europe. Stay forms an essential part of anyone’s budget while travelling or backpacking in Europe and the more you save on it, the more you can spend on food, drinks and parties. Essentially the good things in life :D.

Thermal Baths for public in Budapest

15th century thermal baths 

Yes you read that right, Budapest is home to over 80 natural geothermal springs and you get a chance to experience and enjoy one of them when you are visiting the city. The city has more than 8 thermal baths open to the public and the water is known to have amazing medicinal qualities that can cure many ailments and diseases.


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August 12, 2017

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